Locomotives traverse more than 1.5 million miles of tracks every single day in the United States but not always safely. The Federal Railroad Administration’s own statistics approximate that 38% of all railroad disasters are caused by negligence or avoidable human error. The consequences are often severe injuries, lifelong debilitations, or wrongful deaths.

Morelli Law Firm has built a reputation for providing strong legal representation to train accident, railway disaster, and derailment victims. Our law firm is currently representing clients who were injured in the 2015 Amtrak train crash outside Philadelphia, having been appointed by a federal judge in the city to be one of the lead firms acting on behalf of all plaintiffs in litigation. Our firm is also accepting cases and speaking with clients regarding the 2017 Long Island railroad accident, which may have been caused by a sleeping railroad engineer.

Experienced Representation When It Matters the Most

Railway workers and passengers benefit from unique statutory rights and remedies, as well as other legal safeguards. Morelli Law has the legal knowledge needed to navigate complicated cases of this nature, all while protecting client confidentiality when necessary. Contact the firm today to speak with a railroad accident attorney you can trust.

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