Consumer Class Actions

Billions Recovered

A consumer class action is a lawsuit brought by a few people on behalf of a larger group who have all been damaged by the same actions or conduct of the defendant. These cases often involve thousands of people and are filed to remedy various wrongs, including defective products, deceptive and unfair business practices, and unfair contracts. Class action lawsuits can be very effective when it is impractical or too expensive for individuals to hire their own lawyers to file separate lawsuits on their behalf. The class action procedure allows larger groups of consumers to bring these claims against massive corporations that possess much greater legal and financial resources.

For example, Morelli Law Firm represented victims of scores of banks who had improperly charged overdraft fees on ATM withdrawals. Most of these cases have been settled, and represent the largest consumer class action settlement ever negotiated at $ 1,017,580,000.00.

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Changing the Landscape of 'Business as Usual'

In addition to recovering monetary relief, class action lawsuits often result in changes to the way defendants conduct business in the future. For example, as a result of class action litigation, manufacturers have been required to make safer products and to remove defective products from the marketplace, and corporations have been prohibited from engaging in deceptive advertising, marketing, and pricing of goods and services. By asserting your individual consumer rights in a class action lawsuit, you could have a part in protecting others from suffering similar injury or loss.

Recently, we settled a false advertising class action against Red Bull for $13,000,000.00. The class action claimed that Red Bull misrepresented the effect of the ingredients in the drink. Not only did the case settle, but Red Bull immediately changed the way it advertise its product to potential consumers.

If you believe that you've been a victim of consumer fraud or false advertising, call (877) 751-9800 to discuss your potential case with an attorney, or send our law firm a message here.

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