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Firm Wins Justice for HVAC Fall Victim

Settlement: $1.85 Million

A man was awarded over $1.8 million in damages after he fell 20 feet through a floor and suffered serious and permanent spinal injuries. Plaintiff had been installing an air conditioner on the second floor of a property when one of the timber boards that concealed openings in the floor gave way, causing the plaintiff to fall through. This particular opening was 2.5 by 3.5 feet, and it was found that the board in question barely covered the opening. Plaintiff was left permanently disabled from the accident, with fractions to numerous vertebrates, multiple herniated discs, extensive surgical scarring, injury to his ribcage, legs, ankles and feet, brain injury and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Firm Achieves Justice for Injured Electrician

Settlement: $1.6 Million

An electrician has been awarded $1.6 million in compensation after the scaffold he was standing on moved unexpectedly, lurching him forward into a 20ft fall to the ground. The scaffold, which supported Plaintiff and two other electricians, was provided by the construction company and had no safety rails, when an unsecured ladder shifted and caused the rolling scaffold to move suddenly. As a result of the accident, Plaintiff suffered a multitude of injuries, including extensive spinal injury, head trauma, and damage to his ankles, knees, arms and shoulders.

Firm Wins Settlement for Injured Carpenter

Settlement: $1.5 Million

A 35-year-old carpenter who was working on a 60-storey building in Manhattan won $1.5 million in damages after slicing his arm with a circular saw. There was no designated flat surface, nor were there wood clamps, provided for Plaintiff and his co-workers to use when sawing wood, and they were encouraged by their supervisor to use whatever surface was available to "stabilize" wood while cutting it. In this case, the only available stable surface was a new bathtub that was installed on the 7 th floor of the building. The power saw that Plaintiff was using had a missing base plate adjustment lever and bolt, and these circumstances caused the saw to kick back, slicing Plaintiff's arm open and severing his ulnar artery and nerve.

Firm Wins Settlement for Injured Maintenance Man

Settlement: $1.4 million

A restaurant maintenance man who fell from a ladder and sustained serious injuries was awarded $1.4 million in damages. The man, who was 57 years old at the time of the accident, had been assisting an electrician in replacing the wiring system of the building's air conditioning system, which was located on the rooftop. As he was climbing back down, the ladder fell, causing him to fall 12 feet and land on his head on the marble floor below. Plaintiff suffered a multitude of injuries including extensive brain hemorrhages and fractures to his skull, ribs and spine.

Firm Settles Suit against Negligent Construction Company

Settlement: $1.25 million

A 42-year-old construction worker was working on a development in Bayside, Queens was awarded $1.25 million in damages after a piece of wood that he was standing on gave way, causing him to fall through the opening it was covering. The man fell from the third story, and broke several bones in his legs, lost three teeth and damaged several others, fractured his pelvis and spine, and sustained serious damage to surrounding nerves, blood vessels and tendons. It was found that the construction company was negligent in failing to conduct proper inspections of the work site to observe and remedy the dangerous and defective conditions that existed.

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