Morelli Law Firm Sues Pacquio and Others For Injury Fraud

Morelli Law Firm has become one of the first firms in the country to launch a class action lawsuit on behalf of customers who purchased the Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. fight on May 2, 2015 through pay-per-view television.

The complaint, which you can read here, names as defendants Manny Pacquiao; his promotional company Top Rank Inc. and its directors Michael Koncz, Robert Arum, and Todd DuBeof; Floyd Mayweather, Jr.; his promotional company Mayweather Promotions, LLC; and others.

The lawsuit seeks redress for the Defendants’ fraudulent, false, deceptive and misleading advertising and promotion of the fight, as Defendants knew that Manny Pacquiao had, but failed to disclose, a severe right shoulder injury, checking “no” in response to the pre-fight questionnaire question: “Have you had any injury to your shoulders, elbows, or hands that needed evaluation or examination?”

The complaint argues that as a result of the Defendants’ intentional fraudulent concealment of material information and deceptive, misleading, and unlawful conduct in marketing, advertising, promoting, and selling the fight, members of the class action were induced into purchasing the fight via pay-per-view, which they otherwise would not have purchased had they known the truth about Pacquiao’s physical condition.

As a result of Pacquiao’s fraudulently concealed injury, Pacquiao did not perform at his peak ability during the fight, throwing and landing far fewer punches than normal, thereby making the fight less interesting, less close, and less entertaining than it should have been if he were healthy, and class members did not receive the product they expected and paid for.

As a result, each member of the class action were injured in the amount of the cost of the fight via pay-per-view television, approximately $89.95 (standard definition) or $99.95 (high definition).

If you or someone you know purchased the fight via pay-per-view under the belief that both athletes were healthy and uninjured, as was falsely asserted by Defendants, please contact us immediately.

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