Morelli Law Firm Now Accepting Zofran Cases

Did your baby have birth defects after you took Zofran? You deserve to take legal action and recover compensation for the sake of your child.

Zofran, also known as ondansetron, is sometimes prescribed to pregnant women who want to get rid of nausea during morning sickness. Recent studies have linked taking Zofran in the first trimester to a number of birth defects such as:

  • Heart defects (including atrial septal defects, abnormal heart rhythms, and heart murmurs)
  • Musculoskeletal defects (including cleft palate, clubfoot, webbed does, gastroschisis, and omphalocele)
  • Kidney defects (including polycystic kidney disease, ectopia, malrotation, and cystinosis)

The FDA hasn’t yet prevented Zofran from being prescribed because the drug was primarily created to treat nausea for cancer patients. While doctors have a legal duty to inform their patients of the potential risks of taking Zofran, they are still able to legally prescribe it to pregnant women.

The Morelli Law Firm is now accepting Zofran induced injury cases in all 50 states. Contact our injury firm now at (877) 751-9800 to discuss the details of your case.

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