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Senior Paralegals

Mary Matos

Mary Matos has 31 years of experience in a range of litigation and non-litigation matters, including property damage, personal injury, mass torts and, for the majority of those years, in medical malpractice.

Her background, knowledge, and experience all combine to make her proficient in assisting our attorneys in all phases of the firm's medical malpractice cases from intake through trial. She has been an integral part of communicating with our clients by listening to heartbreaking cases and worked very hard to ensure that our clients have superior representation. She is heavily involved in petitioning for letters of administrations, obtaining and managing medical records and evidence, drafting pleadings and other legal documents, filings in state, federal and appellate courts, coordinating and managing discovery, demanding information and materials and responding to discovery requests, issuing and serving subpoenas, preparing trial exhibits and trial preparation and support for our medical malpractice trial attorneys, and, if required, the compromising of the case.

Mary is bilingual - thoroughly fluent in Spanish and English.

Mary is a Notary Public and a member of the National Notary  Association.

Mary's combination of supreme organization skills and down-to-earth demeanor appeals to clients and helps the firm function like a well-oiled machine.  She has definitely been and is an integral part of the success of our firm especially in the medical malpractice department for almost three decades.


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