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Securities Fraud

New York, New Jersey and Nationwide

When you choose a stock broker you are placing your trust in that individual’s financial savvy and awareness of trading law. You also trust them ethically to do the right thing. When that trust is abused you may be the victim of securities fraud, a type of fraud which can cause you to lose your investment and may cost you your retirement, your home, and your livelihood.

Securities fraud is a serious form of financial abuse, and those who are responsible should be held liable to the strictest form of legal retribution available. Securities fraud may be performed by a stock broker, a stock broker’s agent, or any investor’s agent. The damage to an investor’s finances may be the result of:

  • Providing false information – Lying about increases or decreases in stocks, providing you with incorrect information about potential investments, or recommending purchases or sales based on false information. Even if your agent is not the originator of the false information, he or she may be held liable for passing on that false information to your detriment.
  • Embezzlement – Siphoning off gains for his or her own benefit, or theft of funds, may occur either through outright theft or by changing your fees without your express consent.
  • Insider trading – Having access to non-public information and making trades based on that information to benefit the broker, or even for your benefit.
  • Front running – Similar to insider trading, but involving your broker trading for his or her own interests based on knowledge of clients’ future investments. This may include purchasing stocks at a low cost before acting on your behalf to purchase the same type of stock and increasing the value of his or her own investment.

Regardless of the type of securities fraud used against you, you deserve representation by an experienced securities fraud law firm. Morelli Ratner PC link to firm bio has experience in representing victims of securities fraud in the New York area.

If you or your family has been the victim of securities fraud, please contact the dedicated securities fraud attorneys at Morelli Ratner PC today, representing clients throughout New York City, Long Island, Staten Island, New York and New Jersey.

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