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Motor Vehicle Accidents

New York, New Jersey and Nationwide

Thousands of individuals like you are injured in automobile accidents every day. Whether you suffered short or long-term injuries, you may feel that the finances and time you have lost are irreplaceable. But at Morelli Ratner PC link to firm bio, our auto accident trial lawyers work to provide you with the resources and experienced help you need to gain compensation so you can recover from your accident without worrying about how you’re going to pay for medical bills.

No-Fault States

New York and New Jersey are both no-fault states, which means that you should receive compensation for your physical injuries from your insurance company without having to prove the fault of the other driver. However, if your property was damaged by another person’s negligence, the law provides for your losses to be covered by the at-fault person through litigation, if necessary.

If your insurance company is refusing to pay for your injury coverage, however, you may need the support of an experienced auto accident attorney to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Additionally, if your injury exceeds a certain threshold you may be allowed to pursue legal recourse against the driver who caused your accident.

Protecting Your Rights in Auto Accidents

If you have been injured in an auto accident, you may be uncertain about the next steps you should take. Before you contact your insurance company, it may benefit you to discuss the accident with one of our experienced auto accident attorneys who can help you sort through the procedures of filling out claims and assessing the damages from your accident.

An accident which has caused you to miss work or lose your job may be severe enough to seek legal recourse against the parties responsible for the accident. Our attorneys focus on trying a case through the full judgment, rather than settling out of court for less than you deserve.

If you have suffered from an injury in New Jersey or New York, please contact the auto accident attorneys at Morelli Ratner PC, who are passionate about protecting the rights of our clients throughout New York City, Staten Island, Long Island, and the surrounding areas.

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