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Legal Malpractice

New York, New Jersey and Nationwide

Attorneys overwhelmingly respect the profession and the laws they uphold. When someone hires an attorney for legal help, it is because of the knowledge they have of the law. They expect the attorney to represent them as well as they can, and provide guidance and recommendations that look out for that individual’s rights. If an attorney you have hired acts negligently or irresponsibly, he or she may be held responsible for legal malpractice.

Defining and Proving Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice does not simply constitute losing a court case. There are many instances where a lawyer may act with all reasonable care and still receive a negative verdict. However, an attorney or legal practice may be liable for legal malpractice if his or her actions or inaction caused legal harm to their client. The most common claims of legal malpractice include:

Negligence – Negligence leading to legal malpractice may include a number of actions or inactions, including providing incorrect information during a hearing or trial, failing to provide pertinent information during a hearing or trial, or missing a filing deadline.

Breach of fiduciary duty – Breach of fiduciary duty constitutes the breaking of your trust. This type of legal malpractice means the attorney failed to act in the interests of the client, or acted in their own or another individual’s interest.

Breach of contract – Breach of contract is sometimes the simplest type of legal malpractice to prove because there should be a written contract. Breach of contract may include demanding more payment than originally agreed upon, failing to fulfill the full details of the contract, or ending the contract prematurely.

The requirements for becoming an attorney can sometimes allow unethical individuals to take advantage of others simply by virtue of having a certification. The experienced attorneys at Morelli Ratner PC are here to help you pursue justice against the lawyer or law firm that has taken advantage of your trust.

If you have suffered abuse from an lawyer or legal practice, please contact the experienced legal malpractice attorneys at Morelli Ratner PC today for your free case evaluation. We defend clients like you from legal malpractice throughout New Jersey and New York state, including New York City, Long Island, Staten Island, and the surrounding areas.

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