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Elevator & Escalator Accidents

New York, New Jersey and Nationwide

Even the most innocuous of places can present hazards for unsuspecting individuals. Serious accidents can occur on elevators and escalators, and the failure of either can cause life changing personal injuries or even wrongful death. Every year, about 10,000 individuals are sent to the emergency room for escalator accidents, and deaths occur annually because of elevators which fail to meet safety regulations.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Morelli Ratner PC will work to get you the compensation you deserve if you or a loved one has been injured as the result of an unsafe escalator or elevator.

Escalator Accidents

Most parents instinctively know to tell their children not to play on escalators, but the extent of potential injuries are unknown by many parents, who simply assume a caught shoe lace might cause a child to fall. However, children are often the victims of being maimed on escalators, and many have lost fingers or toes or suffered life-threatening injuries.

Children are not the only ones who can sustain personal injury on escalators, and the construction of escalator steps makes serious injuries common when adults fall and strike the jagged edges or fall down the escalator. Many escalator injuries are caused by insufficient safeguards, such as shoelace guards.

Elevator Accidents

Similar to escalator accidents, elevator accidents can cause severe injuries. Sensors that fail can cause the loss of a limb or even decapitation if an elevator ascends or descends with an individual caught in the doors. Though there are regulations pertaining to the maintenance of elevators, without regular inspections elevators may cause accidents before anyone is aware that there is a malfunction.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an escalator or elevator accident, you are not alone. Many individuals are injured or killed by elevators and escalators every year, there is no justification for injury or loss of life caused by an escalator or elevator that is in poor condition. You deserve compensation from those responsible for the malfunction and poor condition of the elevator or escalator that caused your injury or loss. At Morelli Ratner PC our attorneys are dedicated to the protection of your rights and the rights of your loved ones.

If you have suffered an injury or lost a loved one in an elevator or escalator accident, please contact the dedicated personal injury attorneys of Morelli Ratner PC today. We serve New Jersey and New York state, including Long Island, Staten Island, and all of New York City.

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