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Delayed Diagnoses

New York, New Jersey and Nationwide

We depend on doctors and surgeons to provide us with the important and timely care that can save our lives. But if you have experienced a complication or the loss of a loved one because of the unnecessary delay of a diagnosis, you understand the frustration and sadness at the idea that your condition might have been prevented.

Every day individuals with emergencies or illnesses look to their physicians for help in treating a serious problem. Sometimes the condition cannot be treated because it is already too advanced for effective care. Negligence on the part of a medical person or organization can create a chronic condition or worsen a situation which may have otherwise been minor or treatable. This is called delayed diagnosis and is one of the most common reasons for medical malpractice lawsuits to be brought against hospitals and private practitioners.

How Late is Too Late

Delayed diagnosis can account for severe conditions, especially when the illness is a progressive disease with symptoms which can be mistaken for a more common illness. For example, patients with exposure to toxic substances may display the same symptoms as produced by cancer or another type of illness, but the attending physician may make an incorrect diagnosis or simply wait too long to provide the appropriate treatment, resulting in permanent damage to the patient.

Often patients may suspect a certain type of condition may have been caused by a dangerous drug or medication, but finds their physician is unwilling or skeptical about testing for evidence of that being the case. Hundreds of patients are dismissed as having a simple cold when something more serious is in fact taking place.

Pursuing Justice after Delayed Diagnosis

If you or your loved one has suffered from negligent treatment and a delayed diagnosis through a private practitioner or through a major hospital, an experienced attorney can help you receive justice and the compensation you deserve. At Morelli Ratner PC, our attorneys work with individuals like you every day to pursue justice against physicians and hospitals which have failed to protect the health of their patients. Whether your delayed diagnosis pertained to an injury or an illness, we can give you the attention and expertise you need to regain your footing and move forward financially.

To learn more about delayed diagnosis and litigation against those responsible, please contact the dedicated legal team at medical malpractice law firm Morelli Ratner PC, serving clients throughout New Jersey and New York state, including New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

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