Admiralty & Maritime

As one of the oldest forms of international commerce, travel by ship has a long and storied history. Just as man has explored the world and its oceans - and in the process man and ship have been subjected to some of the most extreme circumstances imaginable - maritime losses and casualties have surely followed. The law of the high seas has developed and evolved through the centuries, creating a complex web comprised of a combination of statutes, common law and international treaties.

At Morelli Law Firm, we have decades of experience representing passengers, crew members, and their families in claims for damages stemming from life-altering injuries and wrongful death. Our attorneys have represented injured parties and their families as the result of tragic accidents occurring on cruise ships, cargo ships, tankers, and ferries. Morelli Law Firm has represented victims and their families from all over North, South and Central America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Victims of these types of incidents deserve zealous and caring individualized representation – and at Morelli Law Firm, they get it.

Cargo Litigation

Additionally, Morelli Law Firm has experience in litigation regarding cargo. In addition to arresting ships and cargo involving vessel owners from all over the world – including Panama, Liberia, Greece, Italy, Norway, the Philippines, Ukraine, Bahamas, and other flag of convenience countries – our law firm has been consulted by the governments of foreign countries regarding the recovery of treasure and artifacts believed to be lost centuries ago on the ocean floor. We are committed to providing our clients with the protection and representation they deserve.

Skilled Advocacy

Few firms have the level of experience in maritime injury and law that we do.

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